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If you are like most people, your garage has long since lost its original purpose and now serves as one large storage room. But the truth is, your garage could be so much more with custom garage cabinets and epoxy flooring.

We are Garage Vision Company, and 10 years ago we started with a vision. That vision was to rebuild multi-functional and useful garages in the Del Mar, California area. With a few small upgrades, such as sturdy epoxy flooring, cabinetry, and a workbench, your garage will feel like a completely new space.

Building Your Dream Garage

If you could design a dream garage in Del Mar, CA what would it look like? This is a question that you hear us ask often, because everybody’s dream garage will look different. Some people may envision lots of space to park cars, with a designated area to hold tools to work on them. Others may see a large workbench in their minds eye, ready for any home improvement project they would like to tackle. Discovering what your dream garage looks like is an important first step to take.


Garage Organization & Remodeling

Cabinetry Options

Each of our Del Mar cabinets are custom belt just for you. To find the perfect cabinets we will work with you to pick the perfect material and style, then we will use our 3d design software to discover the needed dimensions to match your needs.

Cabinets do a few different things for your garage- they:

  • Create organization and reduce clutter
  • Increase storage space
  • Protect all of your valued tools
  • Make for a stress-free work environment

Quality cabinets will make a huge difference in your Del Mar home’s garage.

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Epoxy Flooring

Once your workspace is set up the way you want it, you should also consider the flooring. A typical garage will have a simple concrete flooring, and though this gets the job done, it cracks easily and quickly becomes stained and damaged.

We suggest installing a new epoxy floor in your Del Mar garage. Epoxy floors come in many different pattern and styles, and they also durable, easy to clean, and oil spill resistant. Where concrete quickly fades, a new epoxy floor will shine bright for many years to come.


If you have any questions about what we could do for your La Jolla garage please give us a call. We will be happy to discuss all your options in greater detail you then.