Does your garage have a concrete floor?  Most do.  Furthermore, many find that the grayish concrete gives an industrial feel to their garage.  Whether your primary use for your garage is for car parking, laundry, a workshop, or as a studio, you’ll love what epoxy flooring does.  The benefits of epoxy flooring goes beyond changing the appearance of your garage.  Here are some of the advantages of the epoxy flooring that we install at Garage Vision.

Non-Porous Benefits

Have you seen dirty concrete parking lots?  There may be oil, food, and dirt stains everywhere.  Epoxy flooring is non-porous.  That means you’ll never have to worry about an oil stain from your vehicle, a food stain from that dropped cup of morning joe, or any type of stain you can image.  Expoxy flooring is a cinch to clean and keeps a beautiful shine with minimal effort.

Durability of Epoxy

Untreated concrete floors are difficult to maintain.  Even if you were to sweep and mop regularly, you would still end up with stained concrete.  What is more, untreated concrete tends to crack and chip over time.  Epoxy floor coatings provide a layer of protection enabling your garage floor to resist damage.  From water spills to everyday drops of items, epoxy coatings add durability to your garage floor.

Going with epoxy flooring for your garage is a cost-effective and simple way to change its appearance.  Yet, it will also improve the longevity of your garage flooring and increase the overall value of your home.   Garage Vision has been in the business of garage improvement since 2004.  Over the past 14 years, we’ve perfected how to coat floors with epoxy (please see our Gallery).  If you have questions about costs and timeframe of an epoxy flooring project for your garage, give us a call at 760-443-7787.