If your garage isn’t being used to store your vehicle, there’s only one other thing that it ends up being good for. Your garbage. Anything you don’t want ends up being chucked in there and forgotten.

While it’s acceptable to use your garage as a storage area, there’s a fine line between landfill and knick-knack room. There are so many useful things that you could use the room for besides your personal trash can.

Garage renovations can do wonders. You can create your own office or transform it into a man cave. Keep reading for an entire list of creative things you can do.

1. Workshop

This is one of the smarter garage renovation ideas on this list because there is no better place for your workshop. Think about it. If you spray paint a piece of material indoors, the smell is going to waft through your entire house.

You can open a few windows, but that’s only going to do so much. If you spray paint in your garage, there is a huge opening that the fumes can travel through. All you have to do is open the door to let them escape.

The same goes for sawing wood. You can crack the door and sweep the dust right out.

2. Home Office

Garages also make great home offices. It’s away from the rest of your home so the chances of you being bothered are pretty low. The only catch is that you have to make sure you have the proper electrical hookups.

If you don’t, you won’t be able to plug in your laptop and other equipment. There’s also the little matter of the floors. Most garage design incorporates concrete floors.

There’s nothing wrong with the concrete except that it’s cold and a little hard. Many people fix this problem by putting in carpeting or placing an area rug over where they work.

3. Man Cave

Since the garage is so removed from the rest of your home, it also makes a good man cave. Like with the home office idea above, it’s not likely that anyone will bother you while you’re in there.

There’s no end to the hobbies that you can get up to in your garage because you have space. Before you decide to go with this idea, make sure you have the proper electrical hookups. You can’t watch TV or store cold beverages if you don’t have electricity.

4. Gym

After a while, that twenty dollars you spend on a gym membership will start to add up. While transforming your garage into a home gym won’t be cheap, it’s less expensive than the membership in the long run.

The main thing that you have to worry about is the floors. You’ll need some padding when lifting weights or doing yoga.

Garage Renovations You Should Consider

If you don’t use your garage to store your vehicle, it will turn into a garbage can before you realize it. Why not look into garage renovations and actually use the space for something productive?

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