Every year, 6,600 house fires start in the garage, causing an average of $457 million in damage. A cluttered garage only adds fuel for these fires, making them significantly more dangerous.

In this article, we discuss how to choose garage cabinets to minimize the clutter in your garage. We’ll also cover the different types of garage cabinets. Continue reading to learn how to maximize your space, reduce the risks posed by clutter, and up your garage storage game.

Consider Your Needs

Walk into your garage and take a look around; what are your needs? Look at the number of belongings you need to be stored (or will need to be stored) as well as how long you’ll need to store them.

If you have just a few items to tuck away, you may not need extensive garage storage cabinets like you would need if you had a garage filled to the brim with belongings. Likewise, if you only need temporary garage storage.

Consider Your Wants

Now, set aside your needs for a moment and consider what you want. Do you want cabinets for your garage that will give you a permanent storage solution or do you want something quick and cheap?

If you’re looking for the former, you’ll need to consider what style you want. If the rest of your home is decked out in rustic style, consider types of garage cabinets that match.

Consider the Space

The next step in learning how to choose garage cabinets is what you have room for. At this point in the garage storage cabinets process, it’s helpful to measure the square footage of your space. It can be easy to assume something will fit only to be horribly wrong when you eyeball it.

If you use your garage for other things such as cars or equipment, factor those measurements into your calculations as well. The key to choosing cabinets for your garage is to maximize your space as well as use the space efficiently.

Types of Garage Cabinets

Once you’ve decided your needs, your wants, and what you have room for, you can consider the types of garage cabinets that satisfy those requirements. The most common types of garage cabinets are plastic, wood, and metal.

All of these options are available in either very simple, functional styles to elaborate, personalized styles. Your personal preference and budget matter the most.


Plastic garage storage cabinets are the most affordable option. They are also easy to clean and assemble. However, they aren’t as sturdy as some of the other options and won’t do well with storing heavy belongings.


Wood, even particleboard, is often more visually appealing than plastic or metal. They are also sturdier than plastic. It’s important to keep wood cabinets for your garage dry to prevent mold and water damage.


Metal shelves offer a strong and industrial look. They also last a very long time if you can prevent corrosion and rust. Since these are often the most costly types of garage cabinets, they are less popular.

Find the Right Garage Cabinets for You

Knowing how to choose garage cabinets means knowing what you want, need, and have room for. Once you answer these questions, you can have fun deciding on what style will fit best for your garage storage cabinets.

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