Is your garage too cluttered? Do you have a very small budget and limited DIY skills to do anything about it?

We have the solution. Actually, we have 5 DIY solutions that will cost you little-to-no money.

Oh, and don’t let the term “DIY” scare you. We promise: these DIY garage projects are so easy that even the most novice craftsperson can complete them.

And afterward, you’ll enjoy a more spacious and organized garage. Plus, you won’t be tripping over all your tools and equipment trying to reach your other tools and equipment. Take control of your unruly garage clutter with these simple projects.

1. Set Up a Pegboard

The first thing you should do for garage organization is to get a pegboard. You can get a freestanding one or one that attaches to your wall.

This way, you can easily add any hooks or other storage options you need directly into this board. The holes make it easy to space and organize tool hooks however you’d like to.

2. Stand a Pallet On Its Side

Need a place to put your tall tools? Try this.

Get a free pallet from a nearby business. Stand it on its side. Attach it to your wall.

That’s it. You’re done. This functions perfectly to hold your tall tools without any additional modifications necessary.

3. Secure Fishing Rods With a Pool Noodle

Prepare to be amazed at how easy it is to keep your fishing poles from getting all tangled up. You’ll need a pool noodle and some kind of base.

Attach a pool noodle to your wall horizontally. Cut verticle slits into the pool noodle spaced 6 inches apart. Don’t cut all the way through, only halfway.

The slits will hold the tips of the fishing poles while the grips rest in some kind of base. A small box attached to the wall, like a window flower box, will work just fine.

Or, attach a second slotted pool noodle a foot or so lower than the first. This should hold your poles securely enough to keep them from slipping.

4. Use Scrapwood to Make Wall Brackets

Step one: attach plywood scraps to your wall pointing up at a 45-degree angle. Step two: hang things on them. Step three: rest.

5. Add Wheels to Storage

Instead of lugging your wooden toolbox all over the garage, give it some wheels. These are cheap and easy to attach.

The way you attach them depends on which wheels you buy. The packaging should tell you what to do, though.

Give These DIY Garage Projects a Try

These DIY garage projects are not only effective organizational solutions. They’re also great practice for improving your home improvement skills.

But don’t take our word for it. Give these projects a try and see for yourself what they can do.

Also, consider what we can do. For instance, your neatly organized garage will look even better with an epoxy sealant over the concrete floor. Go here to see examples and color options of our epoxy flooring services.