Are you planning to renovate your garage? Before you start ripping out drywall, create a plan and know your limits. It’s too easy to get started with a renovation — and then stall midway through the project.

Read on to learn 5 mistakes you should avoid in your garage renovation!

1. Entering the Garage Remodel without a Plan

One of the biggest garage renovation missteps is entering the process without a plan. Do you have lots of skis, bikes, and tennis rackets that need a better storage solution? Or are you hoping to carve out more space for a workbench?

If you start gutting your garage without a plan, your project could take longer. And you might waste resources in the process. Explore garage renovation ideas first — and then reach for the tools!

2. Not Making Efficient Storage Choices

While you may want to turn your garage into another living space, you could pay the price later. When you sell your home, potential buyers will want that garage space for their cars. And your utility bills could soar since it will cost more to heat or cool the space.

You also don’t want to block access to plumbing, electrical outlets, or walls where you could encounter leaks. Figure out how to hang bikes or other items from walls. And find cabinets that won’t eat up too much space for your car.

3. Using the Cheapest Materials for a Garage Renovation

You don’t want to skimp on materials. For instance, using a cheaper coating on a garage floor renovation means the concrete could start cracking. And cheap paint on the walls will peel and chip.

Choosing industrial-grade cabinets ensures that your cabinets can withstand the elements. Your garage will expose cabinets to greater temperature and humidity swings. But better cabinets won’t peel or fade like cheaper particleboard cabinets.

4. Taking Safety Risks

When you’re installing shelving or cabinetry, use the right anchoring system to keep things secure. Similarly, working with garage door springs can be a challenging and risky task. Don’t risk your safety with a garage renovation!

It’s better to ask qualified professionals to help. They will know how to align doors, install shelves, and tackle electrical issues.

5. Doing Too Much Work Yourself

Trying to take on the entire job yourself means that you’ll lose precious weekends. Additionally, not knowing about materials like epoxy or paint could lead to blowing your budget in a hurry.

And where will you put your cars when you’re working on the remodel? If the job takes longer than expected, you risk exposing your cars to summer storms and sun. Hiring professionals to handle parts of the job will save time, money, and headaches.

Get Your Garage Remodel Going

Taking on a garage renovation can be a useful project when you need more storage. You just need to devise a plan first. By plotting out storage options and going with the best materials, you can end up with a much more functional space.

When you’re ready for assistance with your garage renovation, contact us and we can help!