Have you ever watched those home makeover shows where the host uses an awesome 3D program to show the homeowners his vision for their project? It is such a cool concept! No longer are customers left to interpret the design plans of the contractor. Instead, homeowners get a real glimpse into the contractors design so that they know exactly how the space might look. What seems like a trick used in TV is actually a popular new technology that’s being implemented by contractors everywhere.

How does the technology work?

This technology is a type of 3D CAD, or computer aided design, software. There are many different versions of 3D CAD technology for designing rooms. The purpose of all of these programs is to take inputs from the contractor and turn them into real 3D rooms for the client to see.

3D design takes away all elements of guessing from home design. Most programs have guides and measuring tools so that the rendering can be accurate. The contractor can also add or take away anything they would like and see it realistically. They can then decorate the space with cabinets, flooring and other décor.

So why does this new technology matter to consumers?

This technology should matter to you, the homeowner, because it’s changing the home renovation game. Design plans used to be scribbled out on paper, but now they can be printed in realistic pictures that give the customer a true idea of the design possibilities. The accuracy of the visualizations makes renovation much easier and less scary.

Many companies now offer mobile estimates. Vehicles containing computers with the 3D software and color printers can arrive at any property and give a stunning and detailed plan within the same day.  This software can create scaled plan and elevation view drawings of the entire space. These drawings can then be printed as 3D views and given to the customer as part of the estimate.

One of the best 3D tech uses could be for your garage

Being accurate in measuring a garage design is of the utmost importance. Getting all of the proper storage and car parking room can make or break a design. In addition to function, consumers want beauty. It is possible to make a garage into a beautiful and functional space using this 3D technology.

At Garage Vision Company, we use state-of-the-art technology for every mobile estimate. We keep up on both the latest design trends and the latest technology trends to give you the most spectacular outcome every time. Check out our 3D Design Center and get started on your dream garage today.