Don’t Need a Garage? Here are 4 Ways to Repurpose It

Finding extra space is always a challenge, there’s only so much organizing and downsizing you can do. Luckily, if you have a garage then that extra room you need is closer than you think. Whether you need a space to get some work done, or something more fun like an art studio or home gym, your garage is the place to do it.

Here are four exciting ideas for your future new room:

1. Home Gym

We all need to find more time to work out. Health should always be a top priority for anyone, but gym memberships are expensive and gas isn’t getting any cheaper. So, make your garage something more.

You really don’t need too much to get started. A simple workout bench is a great place to start. There are a wide range of workouts possible with only minimal equipment, some free weights and a bar can go a long way.

Not only would you be saving money, but a home gym is much more comfortable than commercial gyms. Cleanliness isn’t a concern. Anyone that has gone to a large gym before has seen sweaty seats and slippery equipment; which is not only disgusting, but also a health hazard. Plus, you can shower in the comfort of your home – no worries about athlete’s foot.

If you’re new to working out, or haven’t been able to for a while, doing it in public is intimidating. You’ll be able to work out at your own pace without any concern for people waiting on the machine, or vice-versa.

A gym does have its own special needs, though. Your floor should be durable and able to withstand possible dropped weights. An epoxy floor would take care of this, providing you with a clean, resilient surface for all of your workout needs.

2. Art Studio

It’s difficult having a creative life with all the distractions of day to day living. Turning your garage into something more can really help in cutting out your own corner to express yourself.

Whether it’s sculpting, painting, or ceramics, a garage is the right place for your new studio. It will give you a perfect space to get away to, allowing you to focus on your projects. Proper lighting is essential to a studio, so consider adding more to your new space.

Another aspect to consider is storage. Paints, canvases, material of all shapes and sizes can really clutter a space. Getting cabinets installed can make things much more manageable, keeping this creative place from causing more work, ultimately defeating its purpose.

A firing kiln or any other kind of specialty equipment can cause additional needs for your space, such as proper ventilation to ensure removal of toxic fumes. An expert contractor should always be used in these cases.

3. Office

Telecommuting and work from home positions are becoming more common as we move further into the digital age. Not all of us have a space prepared as a home office and being able to remove yourself from the distractions of home life can help make focusing a much easier task.

Another money saving venture, on gas, insurance, and wear and tear on your vehicle, a home office can save you hundreds – even thousands – of dollars. Plus, it can save you from needing to eat out while working away from home, which can add up quickly.

Consider that you will also be removed from office distractions of coworkers wanting to chat to you. You’ll have the freedom to work without superiors looking over your shoulder at any given moment. It’s all the benefits of home and being away all in one.

4. Playroom

A more whimsical suggestion is to turn your garage into a playroom for your kids (or yourself). Refinishing the floor and adding storage are a must, but with proper cooling and heating the garage can be turned into the perfect play space for kids.

Plus, the space can age with your children. It can start out as a place for building blocks and small plastic slides and transition into a game room. Doing this can give your children a space that feels like their own, all the while reducing noise in the main house.

For those without children or children who have moved out, a more adult playroom is equally exciting. A pool table or ping-pong table are popular additions. Putting a couch and TV can really turn the place into an area where you can just relax.

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Now that you have ideas about what you want to do with your garage, the first step is to get the place ready. Cabinets and re-flooring your garage is an essential step in the transformation. Give us a call at Garage Vision to turn your garage into your dream room!