The garage seems to be a source of so many projects. Whether it houses old projects or inspires new ones, one thing’s for sure: a proper layout will guarantee success. Before you tackle the ultimate garage project – organizing the garage itself – take a look at these 7 tips for designing your best garage layout.


1.  Take Heed of Your Hobbies

Do you like to restore old cars? Do you do woodworking? Do you have a canoe? Your hobbies will help determine your garage’s function. Being mindful of these things and planning for the storage of all needed tools and equipment will help your garage be more conducive to your hobbies.

2.  Workbench Wisdom

The workbench is without a doubt the very core of every garage. A good workbench is made of durable materials that can take a beating. A great workbench is sturdy and offers storage for those everyday tools and gear. Make sure your workbench is the right height to help avoid back problems.

3.  Start Off on a Good Foot

If you are afraid to walk on your dirty and stained concrete floor every time you go into the garage, you might not enjoy going in there. A beautiful and efficient epoxy coating can solve this problem. Different looks are available, and the stain and spill resistance will keep your garage looking beautiful from the ground up.

4.  Don’t Forget the Cars!

In the excitement of adding storage and organizing their gear, most people forget the most important thing: the cars. If you have to park a car or two in your garage, make sure that your measurements allow ample space for parking and accessing the cars. If you find yourself crammed for space, remember that the ceiling can provide extra storage space.

5.  Make Sure You Have the Power

While you’re organizing your garage for maximum efficiency, take a look at your power outlets. Are there enough? Are they located in good access points? Adding more outlets or moving existing ones may cost a bit, but it will be well worth it when you’re ready to play with those power tools.

6.  Get Adequate Storage Space

Everyone has a bunch of stuff in their garage, and most of it just seems to be in the way. When organizing, the idea is to have a place for everything and put everything in its place. Cabinets and wall storage systems are the best solution. They can provide a place to store everything while adding a neat and clean look.

7.  Turn on the Lights

What’s the point of organizing everything if it’s too dark to see it? One dingy lightbulb likely won’t be enough. Most people opt for fluorescent bulbs, or, for a more refined look, recessed lighting. Make sure that you have bright light sources to illuminate your clean, new space.

Let Garage Vision Co. Help

If you need some help creating and visualizing your new garage design, give the professionals at Garage Vision Co. a call. They can give you a mobile estimate for your garage overhaul with same-day full color 3D view print outs of your dream garage. Contact them for your appointment today.