One difficulty that anyone approaching a remolding project of their garage is visualizing the plan.  When customers contact us about improving their garage with epoxy flooring, custom cabinetry, and storage solutions, they often have difficulties envisioning how it will work for their home.  Our 3D Garage Design Center addresses this challenge.

Benefits of Customizing Your Garage In 3D

Viewing a digital model of the garage in 3D is quite advantageous.  The most obvious reason is that it gives you an opportunity to view the interior of your garage after the new design is implemented.  Nevertheless, there are other benefits such as:

  • Cost Reduction. Since the digital 3D model is customizable, you can play around with changes not only for aesthetic reasons but also to meet budget requirements.  Instead of going into the project blindly, our 3D modeling tool helps you to anticipate costs.  You will effectively be able to choose which items are necessary and which ones are unnecessary.  This aspect alone saves our customers time and money.
  • Detailed Understanding of Project. As you build your digital garage you’ll have access to all our the products we’ll use in the production.  The product list gives exact names, descriptions, material composition, and price.  The array of information provided gives you clear insights into how each part of the project contributes to the whole.  You’ll be sure that you are making informed decisions rather than trusting what others have to say.

Our customers enjoy using our 3D Garage Design tool.  They have often stated how it has given them new perspectives on their garage redesign.

Instead of asking for you to trust our process and workmanship, Garage Vision invites you to experience a little of both via our 3D design tool.  If you would like information about getting started, give us a call at 760-443-7787 or fill out our online contact form.