The meal is over and you and your guests want to relax. The house is filled with people and seating can be scarce, especially as you begin to clear the table. You and some of your friends or relatives want to step outside and let your food digest, but the cold weather this time of year makes your patio less than inviting. But what if you could enjoy a cigar in the comfort of your own garage?

If you’re like many of our customers, your garage is currently a little cluttered. Between your cars, your tools, and the various odds and ends you have no space for in the house, setting up shop out there is all but impossible. A few simple conversions can help turn your garage from dusty storage space into a makeshift man cave in no time.


Just look at the difference one of our custom garage cabinet installations can make. This definitely looks like a spot to enjoy the game with your friends and family, especially with the large space for the flat screen in the middle. Just bring in a few folding chairs and you’re good to go.

And although it doesn’t get that cold here in San Diego, garage organizers like these make it possible to protect your belongings from the little bit of rain we do get. After all, you would have a hard time setting up a flat screen in your backyard. Adding epoxy flooring can also take your man space to the next level. These interlocking floors are strong, reduce draftiness, and are super easy to clean. That’s good news if one of your friends spills a drink or ashes their cigar on the floor.

Although Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, it’s not too late to upgrade your garage. In the “Spirit of Good Business” that we ascribe to, we can create a great looking set of cabinets, organizers, and floors for your garage, giving you the space you need to unwind this holiday season.