If you asked a bunch of guys what things make their gotta-have-this list, odds are a man cave of some sort would be on it. After all, a man cave can be the perfect place for unwinding after a long work week, playing pool and hanging with some buddies on a Saturday night, or just kicking back and watching a game.

Many men transform their garage into this zone of testosterone. To say the least, this transformation can be a process, requiring a good amount of effort, some garage design, and not to mention some moolah. But when it’s all said and done, oh how great it can be. So, if you are ready to check it off your list and make your man cave happen, here are some tips that can help:

Create a Game Plan: Consider some basic factors that will get your garage makeover going in the right direction. Drawing out a floor plan can also help you visualize your space. Ask yourself:

-What things do I want to do in my cave and what will I need to do it?

-What’s my budget?

-What are the dimensions of my garage and how will I organize the space?

Clean Out the Cave: Yup, this has got to happen. A supreme man space is definitely not one that’s cluttered with boxes of junk, disorganized tools, and bins full of swimming pool toys. So, roll up those sleeves and get to clearing unwanted things out and storing certain items elsewhere. But look on the bright side, during this process you just might locate that sport’s team memorabilia or sci-fi collection that will become the perfect décor and line the walls of your new cave.

Don’t Forget to Insulate: Keep in mind that if your garage is un-insulated, it may not provide the comfort you desire during certain types of weather. Depending on your budget and flair for DIY, this can done professionally or by you putting in some insulation and then sealing it with drywall.

Floor It: Most garages have concrete slab floors which can be cold, dirty, and give off an unwelcoming vibe. Certainly not up to par with a man cave conversion. To solve this problem, there are several different options. You can add interlocking floor tiles. You can refinish your garage floor with epoxy flooring which can give it a sleek, clean feel and a hip color. You still may want to put in a rug or two to offer some comfort and support for your feet. Another possibility is to insulate the floor and install floor boards. In this case, you can also have carpet installed afterwards if you wish to.

Lighten Up: Sure, it’s called a “cave”, but you probably don’t want it to be dark and gloomy like one.

Plenty of garages don’t have sufficient lighting for things like entertaining guests while watching a big game. One possibility is to add cool pendant lights or ceiling fans. This will probably require professional wiring by an electrician, and depending on your specific situation, it may also involve adding a finished ceiling.

Make it Your Own- Here’s where we get to the good stuff and here’s where you get to express yourself and make your man cave reflect you. Paint the walls with a rich, inviting color that calls your name. Decorate with favorite memorabilia, movie posters, or neon bar signs. You can try using a theme if you like.

Add comfortable furnishings for you and your guests. Don’t forget a fridge to store the necessary suds and grub. Then put in your dart board, pool table, big screen, or guitars, and watch as your garage becomes the ultimate man cave you’ve always wanted.

Need Help Creating Your Man Cave?

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