Why Epoxy Floors are the Best for Hard Work

Garages are becoming much more than just places to park your car. So, you’ve decided to use your garage as a work space, but are worried about damaging the concrete or other hard-surfaced material while doing tough work. Tile, wood, and other hard surfaces all have similar problems. The best solution to these worries is to install an epoxy floor. The epoxy coating makes your work space more durable in every way. There are so many benefits to an epoxy floor:


When you’re doing hard work, whether it is fixing up that classic car, woodworking, or more general maintenance, you’re bound to drop something. A hammer can do serious damage to traditional floors: chips and cracks abound. Not to mention more heavy-duty wear from vehicles, lawn mowers, and other large machinery.

An epoxy floor can resist almost any kind of abrasion or damage to your work space, ensuring safety and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing place for your projects. If you want to see how these floors look, you can take a peek at our gallery that we created. You want your place of work to be a place you want to be, somewhere to spend hours; not the drab and dreary cave appearance that concrete can give your garage.

You may be wondering: why is an epoxy floor so durable? Instead of merely drying like paint or cement, epoxy cures. Through this process, tightly knit polymer structures bind together to create a thicker coat. The end result of the curing prevents damage and also natural degradation over time.


Not only are epoxy floors resistant to physical damage, chemicals are repelled by the surface, sealing out moisture and making sure your floors remain unblemished. Chances are you’re going to be working with oil and other strong chemicals, so you want a floor that can withstand that kind of spill, all the while making for an easier clean up. It’s an investment that retains its value.

While cement floors can flake off bits of dust just from everyday wear and tear, epoxy floors are resistant to dust and flaking. Your car, tools, and whatever else you are storing in the garage space will require less upkeep as opposed to concrete which will just make more work for you. You want your floor to be working as hard as you are.

There is also all the time you’ll save on cleaning, which is arguably the worst part of any hobby or job that you could undertake in a garage.


A big concern for any work environment is safety. Epoxy flooring will make your new work space the safest it can be.

The most common criticism of epoxy is that it can become slippery when wet due to its moisture-resistant nature. We have solutions that have built in slip resistance. Using high solid content material with a vinyl paint chip system creates a safer texture, stopping slippage and other issues, making epoxy flooring the safest choice.

The durability also maintains the surface, preventing tripping from cracks or chips in harder surfaces. Epoxy is also fire-resistant. Nothing can hold a project up longer than an accident, and with an epoxy floor your work space will be all the more safe.


Not all hard work comes in the form of labor. You can also use your new epoxy floor as a safe place for a home gym. A dropped weight won’t shatter the surface like it would on concrete. If a gym isn’t your thing there are so many other options. Epoxy floors really open the possibilities up for all kinds of activities, be it hard work or hard play.


In order to get the most out of your epoxy flooring, you’ll want a professional to take on the task, making sure it will last as long as possible and be of the highest quality.Contact Garage Vision Co. to get started on your new work space today!