A question that we come across occasionally is “Why should I hire someone to epoxy my floor when I can do it myself?”  There are six major reasons why, which we will cover at length over a series of blogs.  In this blog, we’ll discuss surface preparation and repairs.  Garage Vision always offers sound advice concerning epoxy flooring, garage cabinets, and garage organization systems.  If you have a question, call us at (760) 443-7787.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Those who attempt to handle an epoxy floor themselves will usually purchase a DIY kit.  The problem is the preparation required prior to applying the epoxy.  The majority of “epoxy kits” do have an acid wash powerful enough to fully remove stains in the concrete.

Even if you try to do multiple washes, the stains may be removed but moisture gets trapped in the concrete.  It could take days to have the garage fully dry for the epoxy application.  When epoxy is not applied to a clean, dry surface, it will fail to bond fully to concrete.  When this occurs, the epoxy tends to peel off prematurely.

Why A Professional Matters.  Before we begin any garage epoxy floor coating, we take time to evaluate the floor.  Preparing the floor well is the foundation of a good epoxy floor job.  There are several ways to approach preparing concrete flooring.  One method that we typically use is diamond grinding.  This method is quite effective in removing all soils from concrete as well as the thin smooth surface that repels bonding.  Only after verifying that every part of your garage floor is prepared properly, will we begin laying the epoxy coating.

Garage Vision takes every measure possible to ensure that your epoxy floor will last and function well.  Our team of professionals understand all of the little nuances of epoxy; hence, we guarantee all of our work.

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