If you have seen images of astoundingly clean and attractive garages, you may wonder how you can achieve the same.  A great garage design encompasses a couple fundamental aspects, namely:

  • Getting items off the floor
  • Making wise use of space

In this blog we’ll cover each aspect briefly.  At Garage Vision, we always consider formulate a strategy before moving ahead with any garage makeover.

Getting Items Off The Floor

As a rule of thumb, nearly every image of a beautiful garage has clear floors.  The openness and cleanliness of the floor area is among the most important features of a well designed garage.  It is proof that the garage is organized, well-maintained, and in good working order.  On the other hand, a garage with items resting randomly everywhere is less appealing to eye.  Getting items off the floor an into designated areas is a major factor in a garage redesign.  If you have several items, it may make sense to make a log of what you have (or at the very least to place them in groups) as you plan.  Doing so helps you to get a clearer picture of what you’ll need to do.

*Note: If you need assistance, feel free to call us for a consultation.  Many clients have asked us for an assist with their redesign and we are more than willing to provide help.

Making Wise Use Of Space

The walls of your garage offer a nearly endless variety of space opportunities.  It is all about how you use it.  Some items work well when hung on the wall, while others are best suited for staging with special wall cabinetry.  For instance, bikes, hoses, and other irregularly-shaped objects are great for wall racks and hooks.  Alternatively, items such as nails, screws, oils, and paint brushes may work better within cabinet drawers.

Using these two basic concepts can help you to makeover your garage into one of beauty.  If you need more information about garage flooring and organization systems, give us a call today!


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