Whether you are a new homeowner or you are looking for new ways to bring your garage back to life then you have come to the right place. Garage Vision Co. has been around the block and we make every effort to take all garage cabinet designs with the best approach possible. Take for instance our recent task for the Moore family in the 4S Ranch community in San Diego County.

Garage Vision Co. designs custom garage cabinets to provide storage space and typically we take before and after photos ourselves. The “before” picture was actually taken by our customer before they called Garage Vision. Once they knew we were on our way they cleared out their space to give us the room we needed to analyze the floor plan and measure properly.


Upon my arrival for the estimate, I immediately saw their need for garage storage cabinets. They are a young growing family with little ones and had just purchased a new home that came with a three-car tandem garage. The first thing you may notice right away is that there really was no easy access to walk around the garage with all of their belongings hogging up all the floor space.

Designing the right floor plan can be challenging, but we always meet with our clients before going to work. After a short discussion about their needs, wishes, and concerns, we designed the cabinet layout which is illustrated in our 3D cabinet design service that we offer onsite.

What our customers really loved about the home plan design was the fact that we can install custom garage cabinets to flow across one wall, turn the corner with a really big corner cabinet, and continue down the back wall. This allows more storage with a fully accessible corner unit.

Garage Vision Co. builds garage cabinets locally at our mill, and 99% of all installs are completed in one day. If you are looking to add storage cabinets in your garage contact our expert garage cabinets installation team that San Diego residents depend on.

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