Custom Cabinets San Diego

There are dozens of ways to make good use of our custom cabinets, but every once in a while you remember a customer that really made the most of the investment. Not many years ago, we installed custom cabinets and garage flooring for a customer in San Diego, creating the space needed for the ultimate pool room. It turned out so beautifully, we have featured it on our site ever since. It is one of the best examples of the potential created through our many products.

First, clearing up the floor space with our custom cabinets was essential to converting this garage into a rec room any man would envy. It allowed this customer to neatly store all that extra stuff that tends to clutter up most garages. It even provided the space for a countertop, which could easily be used for work or play.

The custom garage flooring was the next step, creating the smooth, clean surface that says, “Step on in!” The coating this customer chose pairs great with the cabinet finish, wall paint, and tiling. The resulting beige room may come off as a little bland, if not for the addition of that beautiful pool table.

With its green felt and contrasting wood finish, this billiards table is truly the centerpiece of the room. Converting your garage into a fun, usable recreation space can be just as easy as it was for this San Diego customer. All you need is the will to part with some of your belongings, or a custom cabinet setup to tuck everything away. And if you aren’t into 8-ball, you can always put in a TV, couch, poker table, or whatever else you need to keep the guys entertained on a Saturday night.