Springtime in Southern California is a great time to do your spring cleaning, but it’s also a great time to get back on that workout plan you made way back in January. There are many compelling reasons to get a gym membership, but there are also many reasons not to as well. It’s really a matter of preference, but if you’re living in SoCal getting outside for some exercise is a real treat…if you can make the time for it. Many people are tight on time, so they use small equipment at home to convert their space into a personal gym. The garage is ideal place for a home gym and it affords you a chance to put in some exercise gear that you might otherwise go without.

Gymnastic rings are an ideal piece of exercise equipment for your garage. Before you can begin working on building your strength and balance with workout rings, you need to make sure your garage is clean. You don’t want a bunch of clutter where you exercise, so this is a good incentive to get on that big cleaning project and clear out the junk that’s been piled up since winter. There’s a ton of ways you can maximize your space, especially if you call a professional to help assess how you can better utilize the room you have. Now that we’ve taken care of that bit of housekeeping, it’s time for the rings!

Setting up gymnastic rings in your garage is incredibly easy. Your rafters are a natural fit for setting up workout equipment. You might have a problem if your rafters are the standard 24” apart. The ideal distance between rings is 20”, but of course it all depends on your reach. You don’t have to loop each strap over its own rafter, but it’s always better to have a larger distribution of weight. Once you’ve established how far apart you’d like your rings, it’s simply a matter of looping the straps over the hanging point and you’re done.

You can make your own DIY rings, or purchase a premade set. Either way, please be sure to use extreme caution whenever you’re installing any piece of equipment, especially if you intend to hang from it.