The Attached Garage Office

If you’re thinking about turning your garage into a home office, you may have a few questions. If you currently use your garage to store your vehicle, consider moving it out to the driveway to make room for a whole new realm of productivity. Pave the way for new cabinets, windows, desks, shelving units and more as you turn your garage into your work space.

Working from home comes with many benefits. Fuel prices are at a high, and working from home, also known as telecommuting, is a great way to save on gas. Turning your garage into a home office comes with its challenges, but with the right tools and resources, you can have your home office in as little as a few weeks.

The First Steps

Garages are often dark or plain with concrete floors and little lighting. The first thing you want to consider is how you’re going to go about painting the walls or remodeling the floors. Consider installing hardwood floors in your garage and paint the walls a bright or pastel color. You want the color to lighten up the room ultimately.

Make sure to clean out your garage of any clutter. Move any important items to another part of the house, like the attic or basement, and throw out anything unnecessary. You will need this room for new cabinets and shelves when you convert the space.

Year-Round Suitability

Because garage spaces do not adapt to the changes of the season, you’ll need to take measures to account for year-round suitability. You wouldn’t want to get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter while you enjoy your new home office. If you plan on getting a lot of use out of your home office, consider making the temperature in your garage match the temperature in your house; or, as cheaper alternatives, make use of a fan or A/C in the summer to cool down and a space heater in the winter, depending on the climate in which you live.

Make Your Home Office Shine

Garages are often ill lit, and have few or no windows. If you have the means, install some skylights or windows in your garage for some natural light. Before you do so, check the local building ordinances in the area in which you live. Decorate your windows with curtains that are both pleasing and concealing of any valuables in your garage office.

If windows and skylights are out of your budget, consider incandescent lamps for some warm lighting and fluorescent lights for those late nights when you need to stay productive.

Get Creative!

You may want to simply bring in a professional desk and chair to your home office, but why not get creative? There are plenty of shelving and cabinet options available in a variety of styles and colors. Consider adding a chalkboard or data board to your home office for maximum creativity.

Also to consider are area rugs, a couch or pillows, and posters or pictures. If your current office environment is drab, don’t let it inhibit your home office. You may have never thought about your garage as an office before, but now is a great time to be innovative about your space.

Stay Connected

If you have wireless connection issues in your garage, be sure to install a wireless router in your new home office or get a stronger existing router in your home to spread the connection. Be careful not to clutter your new home office with wires. Consider hiring a contractor to do the wiring for you.

Consult an Expert

If you’re just beginning the process of turning your garage into an office, or even thinking about it, you want to keep a lot of things in mind. Remember to stick with light colors and bright lights to maximize productivity. Be creative about your space in any way you desire, after all it is your space. If you want to ask an expert, or need installation of office units in your garage, consult Garage Vision and get started converting your space today!