Sometimes, emergencies happen. A leak might spring in your sink all of a sudden, or maybe the lights will go out and you’ll need to fix the fuse box. Or maybe none of that worries you, but you just can’t seem to find the right tools when you need them. A tool chest is a great way to organize yourself, so you can act quickly when disaster strikes, or simply finish all of your projects that much faster.

Mobile Workbench

Though mobile workbenches are designed for smaller garages, they still provide plenty of workspace. If you hate getting up to look for tools while working on a project, this workbench is the perfect solution. If you need a mobile workspace but are short on space, or simply like to have your tools at arm’s length, take a look at this type of tool chest.

Roll-Away Drawer

Roll-away drawer tool chests aren’t as versatile as the mobile workbench, but they have their own particular benefits. If your garage arrangement is constantly in flux, the roll-away drawer is a convenient tool chest that can be tucked away just about anywhere. For those who already have a dedicated workspace, or those who need a mobile storage option, the roll-away drawer is a great option.

Fixed Drawer

Some, however, have too many tools for a mobile solution. These kinds of people will want to choose from the wide variety of fixed drawer tool chests available. These can tool chests can be fitted into any garage, but offer more robust options for storing all of your tools.

Heavy Duty Canopy

If you need an arrangement for much larger tools, there is the heavy-duty canopy tool chest. While they do not come in mobile varieties, they can go a long way toward tidying up your garage.

Custom Storage System

If you have the cash for it, it’s hard to argue against a custom storage system. Tailored specifically to the space and the tools that you have, a custom storage system will be the ideal storage solution for just about anyone. Custom storage systems can be built around the tool chests you own, and their own special features like slat walls for hanging, in order to maximize your space.

Finding your tools shouldn’t be a hassle. Visit Garage Co to find a tool chest or custom storage solution that suits your needs.