Do you keep your car in your garage?  If not, you are part of the 75% of Americans that do not.  Indeed, most homeowners keep their car parked in their driveway and use their garage for extra storage.  But the question is: Are you maximizing your garage storage?

Many of our clients come to us to help them with items to organize and improve the storage of their garage.  In fact, many of them find that after implementing our systems, they can park their car inside and still have room for their items.  Below are some of the tips we give at Garage Vision.

The Great Garage Purge

Has your garage grown into a jungle?  When designated places and storage items are not set, it is easy for any garage to get messy.  One of the first tasks to perform to reclaim your garage is to purge it of all unnecessary items and dirt.

To make sense of the cleanout, section off places to collect items for disposal, sale, recycling, and keeping. This will speed up your process.  The sooner you can get rid of things, the better.  Beware of the trap of simply rearranging items into piles that lay dormant for days, that turn it weeks, which turn into months.  If you can get rid of items designated in your sale or recycle pile fast enough, donate them or dispose of them.

Garage Cabinetry

A major reason that garage cleanliness and organization fails is due to not having places to store things neatly.  A custom garage cabinet system can fix that problem.  We feature a number of cabinetry systems that range in size, style, and color.  Whether you are seeking to make your garage a work area, office, or man cave, we have just the right type of cabinet system for you! Take a look at our garage cabinet gallery for ideas.  Even if you have something else in mind, we handle customized jobs as well.

Ready to reclaim your garage?  Contact our team below for a consultation and quote.  You may be amazed at how we help you.

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