Styles for the Modern Homeowner: Garage Doors & Floors

In past years, garages have typically had small, white and/or tan doors; and concrete floors as a base. Now garages are more stylish. The door complements the home and the bigger garages can be multipurpose, so floors can be made to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Garages don’t have to be drab. Garage doors and floors have seen many changes across the years, as is the case for many other areas of home improvement. Garage doors are seen to be bigger, bolder and brighter. Garage floors can be textured or sleek, now that concrete has fallen out of favor. As time goes by, we see trends in all walks of life. Stay informed about how to keep your home up with the times.

Garage Door Trends

Sometimes bigger is better: modern homeowners are now choosing to make their garage doors bigger when they renovate or build their homes. These larger openings provide a much bigger canvas for the homeowner to work with, and also present more curb appeal for the home. With more creative space, there are so many possibilities for your garage door.

While white and tan garage doors used to be the standard choices, modern homeowners are styling their garage doors to match the exterior of their house in a creative effort. Additionally, wood garage doors are growing in popularity and add sophistication to the home. However, homeowners are already making an investment on a new garage door; so for those who can’t afford real wood doors, steel and fiberglass garage doors are available to serve as faux wood doors. Fiberglass doors even provide insulation, which saves money on heat.

As garage doors increase in size, the windows on the doors are also becoming larger. The placement of the windows adds room for creativity and this aesthetic is becoming more and more popular. Some garage doors have multiple windows at the top of the garage door, while others have glass panes spaced throughout. Additionally, because garages are often not well lit, the windows provide an inlet that welcomes sunlight.

Garage Floor Trends

If you want to give your garage a new look, consider the textured look. When you consider giving your garage this type of makeover, don’t make the surface actually textured. This makes the surface hard to clean when dirt gets on it. However, if it simply appears textured it is visually eye-catching without creating a mess.

Sleek styles are another option for the modern homeowner. Rough concrete is no longer in style. Sleek and polished floors are in favor and create a sophisticated garage atmosphere with a glossy coat.

Yet another option is the use of tile designs in your garage. This is a more contemporary look, but large black and white tiles can create a visually interesting look in your garage. You don’t have to use black and white either; there are other color options to choose from.

While you’re redoing your garage floors you may want to consider an eco-friendly coating such as Floortex™ Floor Coating, which is a floor coating that is environmentally-friendly and will help you create your stylish garage while protecting the environment.

Consider the color you want your garage floors to be. Neutral colors tend to work best in garages because they will likely match any car you ever buy. Before you decide what coating you want on your garage floor, whether you want tile, sleek or textured, decide whether you want to go with a neutral silver or brown, and then move forward.

Consult an Expert

There are difficult choices to be made when it comes to remodeling any part of your home. Your garage doors should be no different. Remember the trends when you’re remodeling your garage or building your home – bigger garage doors, faux wood, bold colors, and windows in garage doors are in.

Remember for a garage floor that concrete is out, and you have several options. If you want to ask an expert, or need installation of garage doors or floors, consult Garage Vision and get started remodeling your garage today!