A recent study shows that, after losing weight, getting organized is the second most popular New Year’s resolution this year. If you’re like millions of other people living in Southern California, chances are your garage is one of those areas that badly needs organizing. After all, most of us don’t live in houses with basements. Fortunately, at Garage Vision we have a number of organizational fixtures that will help you keep your garage clean and functional.

Consider the possibilities provided by the Gladiator GearWall System. These clean, smooth wall fixtures can be customized with a variety of hooks, baskets, bins, and shelves to meet all of your storage needs. Our customers are routinely shocked with just how much floor space opens up when all of their stored items can be secured along the walls of their garages. And, by selecting the proper storage containers, you can keep everything as organized as you want it. Bicycles, tools, files, odds and ends: organizing your life could be as simple as installing one of these simple storage systems.

For those who need extra storage space or who enjoy keeping their belongings out of sight, we also build and install specifically designed garage cabinets. These units can be used to store virtually anything and come in a variety of attractive finishes. In fact, they can even be used to conceal your water heater or provide a space to mount a television. We have even installed units around refrigerators and toolboxes to give our customers a one-of-a-kind look.

If your New Year’s resolution is to get organized, start with the one part of your house that gets the most cluttered. It could the first step towards a more orderly New Year.