Pottery can be an amazingly outlet for creativity. Whether you’re an experienced potter or a beginner, you might be itching to set up the perfect place to create your masterpieces. Well, you might not have to look too far for inspiration. One popular option is making part of the garage into a pottery workshop or studio.

Let’s fire away at some helpful tips that can set this pottery plan into action:

What Are Your Goals?

A lot of specifics that are involved in a project like this, depend on the extent a person engages in this activity. For example, you’ll need to first narrow in on the goals you have by determining if pottery is going to be a hobby or a full-blown artistic endeavor or profession.

What Type of Pottery Are You Going To Make?

If your objective is to hand build, you may only need a few essentials to create your ideal working space in the garage. It can be as simple as putting in a work bench (4’X8’ is common) and some shelves or racks for your pottery pieces and storage for your tools. Room for a small electric kiln may also needed if you are planning to fire your pieces at home. Keep in mind that if you are using a kiln in your garage, you will need to make sure that you have enough electrical power. The power supply needed for many kilns can be compared to that used for washers and dryers. Installation should be done by a qualified electrician.

Your garage/studio project will most likely be bigger if you desire to use it for throwing, although you can try to keep it on the smaller scale. The wheel takes up more floor space and you will need more room as you create on it. Also remember, that compared to hand building, throwing can get messier.

Other Things to Consider

As a standard safety precaution, make sure flammable things are kept way from the kiln. This includes things like gas, oil, and paper.

Firing in a kiln produces fumes from the clay mixtures and glazes. It is a safety must that your garage is well-ventilated when the kiln’s in use.

If you’re a potter, you’ll need to use water. However, clay can clog your plumbing. Using several buckets of water to rinse your hands and tools can be an easy and effective solution.
Good lighting is pretty much always on an artist’s must-have list. Make sure your garage is well lit with ambient lighting and/or enough natural light, so that you can complete all of your work successfully.

Contacting A Garage Specialist

At Garage Vision Company, we understand the great potential a garage has to fulfil many different objectives and cater to things like hobbies and art. We also know that excellent garage makeovers involve high quality design, products, organizational solutions, and service. For top-notch assistance in bringing your dream garage to life, get in touch with our garage improvement specialists today.