There are two types of garage owners; one who keeps theirs meticulously clean and another who finds theirs filled continuously with junk. If you want to be the former garage owner, but can’t seem to keep it in shape, then these top tips will help you stay organized.

Deep cleaning

One of the reasons many people leave their garage to become disorganized and messy is generally because the room is dirty.  It becomes easy to let things slip if your garage isn’t spotless.  Make sure you give it a deep clean as often as possible, as this will encourage you to keep the whole room organized.  Start with the floors, before working your way up to any shelving or furniture.  Finish by giving the walls a thorough clean, and you’ll have a sparkling garage in no time.  These steps will make it much easier to organize your garage in the future.

Keep, recycle and throw away

Do not panic at everything there is to sort out.  Instead, try out this simple tip.  The best way to get through a lot of stuff quickly is to organize your items into three piles.  The first pile is for things you want to keep, the second are things that can be recycled or given to thrift stores, and the third is waste.  Once you have organized everything into the three piles, your garage will then become more accessible.

Rope in a helping hand

If you find that keeping the garage organized seems an impossible task, then make sure you rope in your family to help.  Set tasks for each family member, especially when it comes to the cleaning. You can even make a cleaning schedule and stick it up on the garage wall.  Make sure that everyone has a turn in doing some cleaning or organizing, before starting the plan all over again.

These three tips may seem simple, but they’ll ensure your garage is kept organized, neat, and tidy in no time. Just remember to keep it clean, and everything else will follow.

In addition to following a good cleaning plan, having a garage organization system in place can make maintaining an organized garage much easier.  If you would like to look into some of the products that our client use to keep an immaculately clean and organized garage, take a look at our site or give us a call.

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