Some of our clients have different plans for their garages.  Instead of having a garage as a storage place for garden, auto, or recreational items, some use their garage as a work area.  If this is your aim, we have a few tips and ideas that may be helpful.

Improve The Floor

Before doing anything else, it only makes sense to renovate your garage from the floor up.  Why?  The floor is the literal foundation of the garage.  However, it also the foundation of the décor of a room.  One option that customers seek us out for is laying an epoxy floor.  Epoxy flooring is sleek, durable, and easily maintained.  Plus, epoxy is an excellent option is you ever need to use your garage for more traditional storage.  All of the epoxy floors that we lay have proved to be versatile enough to handle multiple uses.  We lay epoxy flooring that enjoys the same strength as commercial and industrial applications.

Dual Storage Cabinets

Even if you set up a home office in your garage, you can still use the space for storage with the right wall cabinetry.  It is wholly possible to select cabinets that blend well with an office setting.  To get an idea, take a look at our garage cabinetry gallery.  Many have found items that match their cabinet colors to aid the aura of their office.

Remember Lighting

Garages are not typically known for reliable lighting.  The most common light source is the centralized light that is connected with a garage door opener.  Instead of relying on that light, insert illumination by way of desk and floor lamps.  Another option is to add overhead ceiling lights—perhaps fluorescent or LED—although doing so would require a bit more planning.

Are you interested in transforming your garage into a workspace?  Give us a call.

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