A garage is a space that can wear many hats, or so to speak. It’s able to serve several different purposes or even be transformed into an area that caters to a specific hobby or function. Yeah, garages are cool like that. The popular garage-to-gym makeover has caused many people to ditch gym passes and instead work up a sweat in the convenience and comfort of their own homes. But like with any other garage metamorphosis, it can be process, to say the least. With that in mind, here are a few useful tips that can help you along the way to getting your garage/gym into shape:

Preparing a rough sketch can help you to visualize your workout zones and how your space will flow. Consider things like outlet locations for treadmills or other equipment that will require electricity. Don’t forget that fans or space heaters may be needed in the garage, if you are working out in very hot or cold weather.

Clear Out Your Space

Whether you are using the entire garage for your fitness room, or just using a portion of it, you are most likely going to have to clean, declutter, and get organized. Unwanted items can be donated or sold at a garage sale and the profit put towards gym equipment.
Storage- Storage solutions like vertical cabinets are an efficient use of space and can maximize your floor area. They can also keep your needed fitness items close at hand. Everything from hand weights, towels, workout dvds, weightlifting gloves, can easily be stored within the various shelves and compartments. Overhead racks can be handy for keeping miscellaneous items that are not frequently used. However, keep in mind that too much overhead storage may make the area feel small and cramped.
Give Your Floor a Makeover- Epoxy flooring can give your new gym space sleek and professional look. Say goodbye to your dusty and cracked floor and enjoy one that’s low maintenance, easy to clean, and seamless.

Get Creative & Get Ready to Feel the Burn- Remember that any garage transformation allows you the perfect opportunity to get creative and design the area to fit your needs and wants. For example, some people choose to create things like a climbing wall or monkey bars for their new gym space. Mirrors and/or TVs can work to keep you motivated and engaged. If you are interested in diving into a little DIY and saving some cash, you can try to build certain gym pieces like a power cage, yourself.

Professional Help For Creating Your Ideal Garage Gym

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