Sometimes people ask us, “How can I tell a good epoxy floor contractor from a bad one?”  Obviously, we have a natural bias towards ourselves.  However, we find it a good practice to provide objective information about the subject.  Epoxy floors are a growing concept in residential garages because many have seen how well they work in commercial settings.  Having a good flooring system for your garage can improve its functionality, longevity, and resale value.

So, what separates a good epoxy floor installer from a bad one?  Let’s see.

Consistent Quality

Laying an epoxy floor requires patience and skill.  A good installer will have several years, perhaps decades, of experience laying epoxy.  With practice comes skill—and it does not come rushed.  Why?  Every flooring application has unique properties.  Installing an epoxy floor is part art, part science and there is a vast array of nuances to the trade.  A good contractor will understand the challenges that a garage presents and convey these to the owner openly.  Bad contractors are typically eager to make a sale and are inclined to tell the client whatever is needed to inspire confidence.  While the sale may be accomplished, the result is inconsistent quality and inconsistent customer reviews.

At Garage Vision, we take our time with every client and offer transparent consultations.  Our client reviews speak to our knowledge, skill, and reliability.

Portfolio of Work

When anyone takes pride in their work, they keep examples handy.  Likewise, good contractors have galleries of their work.  This portfolio provides customers with working examples of what they can expect from the contractor.  Our gallery of work is viewable online.  If you would like to speak with the clients personally, give us a call and we’ll enable you to do so.  Our team is confident that every client we have worked with was very satisfied with their epoxy flooring.  Garage Vision has received Angie List Rewards for the service that we have provided.

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